Steampunk: The Age That Never Was

But a lot of us nerdy types sure wish it had been… Tonight’s topic is specifically about steampunk jewelry–handmade by a guardian of holy steampunk relics: Chinookhugs of I stumbled across this traditional metal smith a few days back whilst toying with one of etsy’s newest features, the Taste Test. This magical new discovery system allows you to sway the fickle will of the internet to show you a variety of handmade and/or vintage items from etsy which will best tickle your tastebuds. I have wasted hours of time enjoying myself with this silly but satisfying game. …Now if only I had the money to take full advantage of it.

Despite my inability to fulfill my shopaholic desires, I am still grateful to have discovered some fantastic crafters and their 3D works of wearable art. Chinookhugs’ specialty is one that specifically caught my eye, owing to the fantastic figures used in her metalwork. I especially love the owls, scarab beetles, and dragons, and the way she antiques the metal to match that ever-so-classic steampunk look. My current three favorites in her shop are:

Steampunk Scarab Beetle Locket

Steampunk Double Guns Slinger

Steampunk Griffin Ring

Chinookhugs is a full-time artist and is highly deserving of any support or admiration you may be willing to send her way. Support independently starving artists!

Incidentally, I have an etsy shop too, though it is nothing so special. Still, I am rather fond of my tiny little shop. </shameless self-promotion>