The end is near!

The end of 2011, that is… nevermind what may happen at the end of this next year…..

Well, I’m not typically one to dwell on events of the past year for long. I’d much rather celebrate the new year and new opportunities, forging on into the future without too much distress over the past. What’s done is done.

However, –well known, at least in my blog, as one of my favorite sites for excellent wit, snark, and semi-unfriendly greeting cards– has provided an excellent opportunity to review the past year with brevity and hilarity. Just the way to do it, if it must be done at all.

Check out some of my favorites from the list below, and see the rest right here on the site.

pro-democracy protesters

Charlie Sheen

Harold Camping

Debt Ceiling

Hurricane Irene

Republican candidates

Kim Jong Il

And with that, we can all bid farewell to the passing year and all its tragedies, trimuphs, and utter bullshit. This weekend, I’ll be saying to 2011, “thanks and so long sucker!” I’ll be in Austin celebrating at another costume con and looking dead sexy in sparkly red. Helloooooo 2012! Show me watcha workin with!

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